How to apply

You can start your music activities either through applying or simply registering. 

Application process needed:

- Music institute studies for solo lessons; instrument/composing/pop-jazz singing


- Music playschool
- Choirs Tinttaralla (6–9) and Okariina (10–14) (little audition needed)
- Pop-jazz singing group


To apply for the music institute studies you are required to go through an entrance examination process in the spring.

Enrolling for the examinationg: 1.–30.4.2019 in Eepos. The form is called Ilmoittautuminen oppilasvalintoihin.

TIMETABLE spring 2019:

Individual times:
Check your personal test time here starting from Wednesday 8.5.2019.
(you will not receive a separate invitation)

First stage:
Soiva Talo -event Thursday 9.5.2019

There is a certain timetable for certain groups. Please be prepared to stay at least until 18.30.

* 16.15–16.45: enrolling
* 17–18 practising the test situation with your age group, information lecture for parents (simultaneously), concerts to display different instruments (both applicants and parents)
* 18–19 Instrument carousel: meeting teachers and familiarizing with different instruments in class rooms.

Second stage:
Individual test times: Monday-Wednesday 27.5.–29.5.2019 between 9–18 o'clock.

* interview with the principal (applicant and parent)
* individual test, singing and playing demonstration