Central Helsinki Music Institute

Central-Helsinki Music Institute is a music community for children and youth. We have about 250 school aged instrumental students, who meet their 25 teachers weekly. In addition, over 250 music play (musiikkileikki, muskari) pupils gather in groups for children from 3 months to 8 years. Both individual and group education combines goal-oriented, compassionately determined studying and creative expression.

The aim of the studies is to build a good relationship with music for the pupil – the possibility to get tools for life trough artistic skills and emotional growth. Playing in groups is an important part of the studies from the start. There are different bands and orchestras with a repertoire that varies from baroque to contemporary music and from folk and world to other rhythm music.

Studying is enriched by creating own music, musical technology, improvisation and integrating other forms of art. The basis of funding is formed by a combination of government and municipal support. The Music Institute offers education in advanced syllabus legislated in the Act on Basic Education in the Arts.

On this page you can find basic information on studying at Central Helsinki Music Institute.

For more information, please contact the office: info(at)khmusiikki.fi

Enrolling to music play groups

You can register at any time to our music play groups.
Enrolling for new pupils starting next autumn from 1.5. You can find the timetables and enroll here: Musiikkileikki

Pupils who are continuing their studies enroll through Eepos with their personal login information 1.–30.4.

There are groups for children aged 0–8
Music play groups based on the year of birth for children between 0–5
Kantele and rhythmic groups for children between 5–6
Soittoniekka and ukulele groups for children between 6–8

You can register online using Eepos.

Enrolling to other groups

You can participate for example in our choirs. Please, ask more at the office info(at)khmusiikki.fi.

PLAYING AN INSTRUMENT: Learn any of these instruments

flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet,
piano, accordion, guitar, violin,
viola, cello, double bass, pop-jazz singing
and composing

We also offer training for wind
instruments for children aged 6 – 8

Applying to music institute

To apply for the music institute studies you are required to go through an entrance examination process in the spring.

Enrolling for the examinations 10–30.4.2024 in Eepos. The form is called ”Ilmoittautuminen oppilasvalintoihin”.


  1. Participate in the ”Mukaan musiikkiin” event on 10th of April
  2. Send an application in Eepos until 30th of April.
  3. Make a video until 3rd of May.
  4. Interviews with the principal in May.

Please, don’t hesitate to ask at the office, info(at)khmusiikki.fi.

Music play
32 lessons per school year

45 min per week 165 €
60 min per week 175 €
Sibling discounts starts from the second child and is 10%.

Instrument training for wind instruments in small groups 300€
Lesson duration varies between 30 to 60 minutes depending on how many students attend. Sibling discount 10 %.

Other groups 
Childrens choir Tinttaralla 165 €
Okariina choir 165 €
Music theory 165 €


Music institute, basic and advanced studies
35 weeks per school year, fees per semester

30 min lesson per week 430 €
45 min lesson per week 490 €
60 min lesson per week 490 €

Secondary subject for student in basic studies (with teacher recommendation)
30 min lesson per week 310 €

Secondary subject for students in advanced level studies 
30 min lesson per week 310 €
45 min lesson per week 380 €

Sibling discounts starts from the second child and is 10%.

Adult studies
30 min lesson  490 €
45 min lesson  620€

Other fees per semester
Renting instrument 55 €
Municipality fee (when the student is living outside Helsinki) 55 €
Registering 20 € (single payment, only for instrument students)

About invoicing

We send all student invoices via email. We kindly ask all families to make sure you give us your working email address. If your contact information changes you can update your information in Eepos. All invoices for underage students will be delivered to the guardian. Students that are over 18 will receive invoices to their own email.

Invoices will be sent to you with following information:
Sender: Eepos-postitus <laskutus@eepos.fi>
Subject: Lasku Keski-Helsingin musiikkiopistolta

Please check your spam, sometimes the invoice ends up there.

If you want to end your studies please let your teacher know ahead of time and inform the school administration by filling out the re-enrollment statement.

We will invoice the family for the full amount if the cancellation is not done according to our termes. Studies must be canceled by 15.8 and 15.12 for the spring semester to info(at)khmusiikki.fi.

Contact information

Central Helsinki Music Institute
Helsinginkatu 3-5
00500 Helsinki
(Ebeneser-house,100 meters from Sörnäinen metro station)

Students are required to keep their contact information updated on Eepos.

Studies in general

Economics and invoicing
Linda Hellsten
050 3617 950

Petri Aarnio
050 511 226

How to find us

Helsinginkatu 3–5
Yellow Jugend style house 100 meters from Sörnäinen metro station.

Public transport:
See Reittiopas